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Garmin nuvi GPS - nuviCam LMTHD with Alerts, Dashcam, 6" Screen
Posté le 23 avril 2015 à 15:09:00 par gpspassion. EN - "All in One" Solutions
Source : Passion

Updated April 23rd, 2015
While Garmin have regularly been releasing new AIOs in the nuvi family, no real breakthroughs had been made since the "iPhone Like" nuvi 3790 was launched in 2010. This changed today with the announcement of the nüviCam LMTHD, "the first PND to feature a built-in dash cam and advanced alerts to enhance driver awareness on the road" in their own words.

Arguably, the first AIO with a camera was the Blaupunkt Travelpilot 700 in 2008 but it made limited use of the video. The nuviCam certainly promises a lot with alerts (distance to preceding car, lane departure), live video recording and advanced guidance, let's hope it delivers on the road! You can use the nuviCam LMTHD with Alerts, Dashcam, 6" Screen of the Garmin nuvi forums to discuss.

Updated October 11th, 2011 - The nuvi 3490T was announced at the end of August at the IFA Tradeshow in Germany and is now available in the USA, Europe will have to wait it seems. It's not quite clear why Garmin chose to "number down" the new nuvi compared to the excellent and very well received 3790T, maybe because of the 24xx models? We already have some very enlightening...

... user reviews in the [TOPIC] nuvi 3490LMT - User Reviews in the Garmin nüvi forums. In spite of the new features like advanced detours, a manual speed limit, POI display or very fast POI lookups, there is some disappointment from the road mainly due to map display issues (loss of detail) and slow redraws. Hopefully this will be fixed with software updates.

Updated April 22nd, 2011 - The nuvi 3790T, Garmin's current flagship road GPS although it lacks features available on the nuvi 24xx and dezl 560 (nuMenu and advanced avoidances) is still getting regular updates from Garmin...

...The latest update released this week is v4.10 and it adds several fixes and features, like "split-screen Junction View"..but only in portrait mode, you can use the nuvi 37xx software version 4.10 (4/20/2011) started by SergZak in the "Garmin nüvi forums" to discuss.

Updated February 3rd, 2011 - The nuvi 2xxx series was announced last September at the IFA show and while the 22xx models with a 3.5" screen arrived quickly, the 23xx models with a 4.3" screen were delayed for some reason. They are now available and forum member "Tom P." shares his thoughts in the forums...


He was upgrading from the nuvi 650 and explains how he was able to transfer his favorites, and transfer the contents of his SD to a new microSD card and gave the voice commands a first try. You can use the [TOPIC] Garmin nuvi 2200 & 2300 Series - Reviews topic in the "Garmin nüvi forums" to discuss.

Updated November 30th, 2010 - Garmin's "hit" of 2010, the nuvi 37xx series with its dazzling screen and powerful engine compartment, just got its second update, v3.60 that provides many fixes and some new functionalities. Garmin's list of fixes is impressive but...... of immediate interest to users will be the compatibility with the EcorouteHD module, improvements with the myTrends (predictive routes) or for French users the ability to use West longitudes at last. You can use the nuvi 37xx firmware v3.60 released (11/2010) topic started by SergZak in the "Garmin nüvi forums" to discuss.

Updated November 9th, 2010 - Launched at the end of the Spring in what looked like a smart move to make good use of available nuvifone G60 inventory, the nuvi 295w is now being heavily discounted at about $100 versus its $225 MSRP, albeit without being placed on the dicontinued list of Automotive systems. In essence the nuvi 295w is a nuvifone G60 without the GSM module (or a deactivated GSM module) and is one of the rare (only ?) GPS systems on the market with WiFi, a capable browser, an email client and two internal GPS antennas for better reception in both landscape and portrait modes. Forum member "poppap" jumped on the bargain and has started sharing his thoughts and tips (hidden menus) in the [TOPIC] nuvi 295W with WiFi (nuvifone without GSM) topic in the nuvi forums.

Updated September 7th, 2010 - Garmin took advantage of the IFA Tradeshow currently taking place in Berlin to announce new entries in the successful series of nuvi GPS systems : the nuvi 22xx and nuvi 23xx families with a total of 6 models (2200, 2250, 2300, 2350, 2360 and 2370). Design wise, they take after the recently released nuvi 37xx but...... have a lower resolution screen and use a less powerful platform apparently, on par with the 1xxx models. Options abound, LT, LMT, Bluetooth, trafficTrends, Transatlantic maps, you can use the [NEWS] Garmin Announce the Nuvi 2200 & 2300 Series in the "Garmin nüvi forums" to discuss and sort them out.

Updated August 4th, 2010 - Garmin's latest "hit", the nuvi 3790T with its dazzling screen and powerful engine compartment, just got its first update, v2.50 that provides many fixes...

Garmin's list of fixes is impressive but most issues had gone unnoticed by users, or were so infrequent that they'd been put an account of a "passing bug", but one of them was puzzling and seems to have been addressed : "points of Interest alerts to only occur on one side of the road". You can use the nuvi 37xx software version 2.50 released topic started by SergZak in the "Garmin nüvi forums" to discuss.

Updated June 16th, 2010 - Garmin's impressive new GPS systems, the nuvi 37xx series (see the Preview - Garmin's nuvi 3790T : Faster, Brigther, Lighter article for details) is now available in...

... Europe and availability in North America has been brought forward from August to the end of June.

The first user reports from the UK are quite enthusiastic as expected (slick, fast, nicer maps, better routes, etc...) but an unexpected and unannounced development are the new "Junction View" screens . Not only are they apparently more numerous but they're also "photo-enhanced" (see picture). More details in the [TOPIC] nuvi 37xx - Preview and User Reviews topic in the "Garmin nüvi forums".

Updated May 13th, 2010 - Just when we thought we finally had a "flagship" nuvi with the impressive nuvi 37xx range launched last week, see the full preview article for details, here comes the nuvi 295W with WiFi and a 3Mp Camera. GPS fans will have noticed it's eerie resemblance to the nuvifone G60 that was first shown in...... early 2008 and finally released at the end of 2009 to very harsh reviews. The likely scenario is that Garmin had remaining G60s or G60 parts on their hands and cobbled together a new nuvi without the GSM/GPRS module. In any case, the nuvi 295w is not a bad deal at $280. You can use the nuvi 295W announced with WiFi and Camera topic of the Garmin nuvi forums to discuss.

Updated May 7th, 2010 - Full preview with commented pictures and video is now available : Preview - Garmin's nuvi 3790T : Faster, Brigther, Lighter in the "Articles" section above.

Updated May 6th, 2010 - I went to the nuvi 37xx launch in Paris today, and...... although I must admit I had my doubts when it was announced in April, after using the nuvi 3790T for a few minutes, it's safe to say this new nuvi is all that it's cracked up to be and more! Faster, brighter, lighter for a start. Stay tuned for a full picture report tomorrow, and in the meantime you can check out this video on YouTube. You can use the [PREVIEW] nuvi 37xx : Faster, Brighter, Lighter topic in the nuvi forums to discus.

Updated April 20th, 2010 - The Garmin nuvi saga continues, four and half years after we first heard of the nuvi 300/350, here comes the nuvi 37xx family with the nuvi 3750, the nuvi 3760T and the nuvi 3790T with many novelties, hardware and software wise. The hardware part certainly looks sleek and reminiscent of the nuvifone A50 recently shown in Barcelona, itself close to the iPhone....... Like these two devices, the 37xx get a capacitive and multi-touch screen (800x480 resolution) for better finger control. The 3790T adds a clever custom "wake-up phrase" for voice control. The software part boasts nuRoute that includes trafficTrends (historical traffic data) and myTrends (guesses your route based on frequent destinations). A lot to look forward to, in the meantime you can use the [NEWS] Garmin nuvi 37xx series: 3750, 3760T, 3790T topic in the "Garmin nüvi forums".

Updated March 26th, 2010 - Over the years we've seen many GPS systems and even GPS makers drop off the map, so to speak, and while the "big players", Garmin and TomTom, get their fair share of criticism, they have to be commanded for still maintaining GPS systems that have long been discontinued. Case in point......, the v4.90 update that Garmin have just released for the nuvi 660, their first system with a 4.3" widescreen that was an instant success when it launched in late 2006. While not very spectacular on paper, v4.90 fixes potential problems with the way traffic is displayed and there might be some other "goodies". You can use the New 660 Firmware 4.90 18/3/2010 started by gabby75 in the nuvi forums to discuss.

Updated July 10th, 2009 - Garmin's new nuvi 1xxx entry level GPS systems with a difference, courtesy of the downloadable cityXplorer maps with transit system data, are now available, just in time for the summer trips. Check out the first user reports like Don's in...
... the nuvi 12xx/13xx/1490 - User Reviews topic of the "Garmin nüvi forums".

Updated May 25th, 2009 - The nuvi 1xxx (12xx, 13xx, 1490) series was announced at the CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover in March and should be available starting in June. I had the opportunity to visit the new Garmin France offices in Nanterre just outside Paris and was given a presentation of these new nuvis. I wasn't expecting a lot from these new entry level systems but came out quite impressed, by the hardware, the new map display and the new CityXplorer navigation mode, the first real pedestrian mode on a GPS system. You'll find pictures and comments in the [PREVIEWED] nuvi 12xx/13xx/1490 with CityXplorer topic of the nuvi forums.

Updated April 6th, 2009 - 'Tis the season for "Eater Eggs" isn't it? While several "Easter Eggs" have been discovered on the Garmin nuvi GPS systems over the years (status menu, satellite information), the one that dcnuvi stumbled upon on Friday and that was confirmed by emmexx last night is certainly the most useful one : a hidden raw gps datalogger...... ! Sure, recent models have a track recorder but it "snaps" the position to the closest road and records data points at "automatic" intervals. The hidden raw datalogger is just that, it records a GPX file per day of the raw uncorrected GPS position every second, which is ideal for picture geotagging and you can even replay your tracks. The key sequence has been tested successfully so far on the 2x5, 5x0 and 7xx series, read all about it in the [TIP] Raw logging on nuvi 2x5/5x0/7xx topic of the nuvi forums.

Updated February 27th, 2009 - Nuvi 8x5 systems are now available in the US and we have some first user reviews such as Reddogg634's first impressions on page 5 of the Nuvi 8x5 with Voice Control - User Reviews topic. Unfortunately it seems that what should have been the "best of the nuvis" is in fact...

... missing some features present on the "lower end" 765, such as background route calculation, memory for previous towns entered, a custom data field, 3D buildings/landmarks...Hard to tell if it's a hardware limitation or software limitation (8x0 uses Linux), but the bottom line is that the "flagship" nüvi is lacking compared to lower end models and that is bound to create confusion and frustration among users.

Updated December 29th, 2008 - It's the "quiet period" with the holiday season giving most people a chance for a break, but Garmin's engineers are staying busy in Olathe, KS apparently since a new v4.60 update has just been made available...


On offer are : correction to optimal route reordering, added support for two traffic providers, and corrected issue with speed limits on certain roads. You can use the [IMPORTANT UPDATE] Firmware 4.60 for 7X0 Released topic in the Garmin nüvi forums to discuss.

Updated December 3rd, 2008 - The Garmin nüvi 7x5 series (765 with Bluetooth and 755 without) are turning out to be a big hit, which isn't surprising given their excellent feature set built on the solid 7x0 platform now using the MTK v1 GPS Chipset...... The v2.50 update that was released a couple of weeks ago significantly improved the speed of the interface and of the map display.

Less dramatic the v4.60 update for the STMicro Cartesio based nüvi 2x5 models has nonetheless improved GPS performance giving them better "cornering" ability.

Updated October 13th, 2008 - Software updates for Garmin GPS systems are generally an uneventful affair with the smooth WebUpdater process and the long list of fixes that generally don't change much to the user experience, but nüvi 7xx owners have been distressed since...... v4.00 came out at the end of August and "broke" an otherwise stellar sytem...Then came v4.10 in mid-September that worked...provided you hadn't updated to v4.0 first. Well this can now be filed as "par for the course" since the freshly released v4.2 sets the 7x0 straight, full details and links in the nüvi section of the forums.

Updated September 18th, 2008 - Recently announced at the IFA Show in Berlin and expected in the coming weeks, Garmin's new high-end road systems, the nüvi 7x5 family (755, 765, 775, 785), add some interesting new features to a solid platform (although 7x0 owners are experiencing problems with the v4.10 version) such as realistic roadsigns, 3D Buildings or a 4Hz screen refresh rate. The European version of the 765 was shown at Navteq's Navivision event in Paris last week and GpsPasSion was on location to discuss the new model. Click here for comments, pictures and a video in the Nüvi section of the forums...

...Updated August 13th, 2008 - This is the "quiet" time of the year, but Garmin are staying busy with their famous nüvi range of GPS systems. First the sad news of the retirement of the original nüvi model from 2005, the acclaimed nüvi 350. While it can't be bought anymore, software updates and map upgrades will remain available. On to the long list of software updates now : v3.00 for the nüvi 8x0 with HotFix AGPS and faster calculations, v3.10 for the nüvi 7x0, v4.50 for the nüvi 660, v5.60 for the nüvi 350, v3.10 for the nüvi 2x5 and...

... TMC v5.0 for the RDS TMC GTMxx receivers. Good luck with the updates and feel free to share your feedback in the threads linked above after you've had a chance to test them out.

Updated June 16th, 2008 - After the entry-level but powerful nuvi 2x5 series we started reviewing a couple fo weeks ago, here comes the high end nüvi 8x0 series that stands out with its ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) module activated by a remote control. Catch up with ZX14NINJA's "27 point" (and counting) analysis in this topic of the forums as he compares his new 850 with...

... the previous nüvi systems he's owned, notably the 760.

Updated June 4th, 2008 - When Garmin announced the new 2x5 series at the CeBIT show in March, they highlighted the updated user interface and map display, which seemed like an incremental addition, but the bigger news that they kept to themselves is that the navigation screen is now much smoother, as I found out on the nüvi 255T test unit I just received. Gone is the antiquated and bumpy 1Hz refresh rate, instead we get a 4Hz rate that provides a much more pleasing view, not to mention more accurate guidance. You can see it for yourself in this video I posted on YouTube......Also of interest is the new GTM 25 RDS TMC receiver with an optional external antenna. More pictures and comments in the nüvi 2x5/2x5w topic of the "nuvi forums"

Updated May 9th, 2008 - Garmin have just released new software updates for most of their car systems, starting with version 5.80 for the SP C3xx series, while the nüvi 310/360 get version 4.50, the nüvi 300/350 get version 5.40 (and now v5.50!), the 6xx series gets version 4.40 and the nüvi 7xx models get version 2.90. Nothing...... spectacular unfortunately, but Garmin don't always disclose all the changes, case in point the major addition of SiRFinstantFixII on with v2.60 on the 7xx series, so it's probably best to upgrade to the latest software version.

Updated November 14th, 2007 - Garmin have just released new software updates for their wide-screen nüvi AIOs. The nüvi 6xx series gets version 4.20 with traffic delays now fixed as shown here by salsaguy and Garmin say the map drawing speed is improved too. The nüvi 7xx series gets version 2.20 with new Traffic screens as shown here by hpatlik......

Updated October 24th, 2007 - In an unexpected move, Garmin have quietly added a logging mode, one of the star features of the new high-end nüvi 7xx series, to the entry-level nüvi 2xx family of AIOs with firmware v3.40. It is hidden for now, but the interface seems to be ready for general release and you can head out to this thread of the nüvi forums for the key sequence to activate it and download popej's tool to convert the result to the standard .gpx format..This new feature has prompted forum member indigon to declare his nüvi 200 to be better than his nüvi 660, do you agree?

Updated September 24th, 2007 - Like they did last year for the nüvi 660 and the Zumo, Garmin used the Paris "Navteq Forum" to launch their new range of GPS systems. On display were the already available "entry level" nüvi 250 with its SD/3.5" screen, the nüvi 250W with its HD/4.3 widescreen and the main attraction, the new "high end" systems, the nuvi 710 and 760 that will replace the 660 after it ends its career in the coming months.

Sleeker hardware, "dumbed up" software, here is a preview article and you can use this thread of the nüvi forums if you have questions or comments...

Updated August 30th, 2007 - Launch of new nüvi 7x0 range now confirmed here on Garmin's Blog. New software features include "Where am I", route planning, track display (no logging) and speed limits. You can use this thread of the nüvi forums to discuss.

Updated August 29th, 2007 - The third big consumer electronics show of the year after CES in January in Las Vegas and CeBIT in Hanover in March, the IFA in Berlin is starting on Friday and it seems we're going to have new GPS announcements...

... Among them should be the new nüvi 7xx series that takes after the 2xxW in terms of design : wide-screen, slim and with no flip-out antenna. Three models are rumored at this point, the 750, 760 and 770. You can use this thread of the nüvi forums to discuss.

Updated May 31st, 2007 - Hot on the heels of the nüvi 2x0 models, Garmin have just announced wide-screen versions, the regional 200W and continental 250W, no word on a 270W with NA+Europe yet. Other than the HD screen (16/9, 4.3", 480x272) the feature set is identical to that of the SD (4/3, 3.5" 320x240) version ,so that means no option for RDS TMC or Bluetooth handsfree. MSRP in Europe is announced at €299 and €349 respectively and should help Garmin to compete with the more expensive TomTom ONE XL AIO (€399 with Europe), although it offers an optional RDS TMC receiver. You can use this thread of the nüvi forums to discuss...


Updated May 2nd - After an interesting TomTom ONE comparison with the nüvi 300, first released in 2005, lets fast-forward to 2007 for the latest nüvi in the family, the nüvi 250 that was announced at the CeBIT show in March. It is marketed as "compact navigation" and it certainly fits the bill with a slick design that retains the nüvi "touch". Factor in the bright screen, powerful speaker and low price (50% of the price of the original nüvi in 2005) and it looks like it will be doing some "major damage" on the market...

More pictures and comments in the [TOPIC] Nuvi 250 - User Reviews in the nüvi forums.

Updated March 30th - Another update for the Nuvi 660 with v3.60 that fixes TMC and Tour Guide problems, while Nüvi 300 and 350 users will be happy to see that Garmin are still supporting the original model, in spite of...... the rumours to the contrary, and v4.40 corrects some problems such as mileage display and MAC compatibility.

With the recent arrival of the nüvi 2x0 family, choosing a nüvi is becoming more difficult so to help you with your choice, here is guide to "Sort through the nuvi line-up" of 14 models.

Updated March 9th, 2007
Garmin's first widescreen AIO, the 660, is getting a new software update with the v3.50 version that includes the DST change and some other tweaks while the brand new 680 with the MSN direct service is now shipping and we already have some interesting user reviews in the forums, with some debating as to how the MSN Direct module works when it's off-line...

Updated January 17th, 2007
Judging by recent activity in the forums, the nüvi 660 "HD GPS" has certainly been one of the "hits" of the holiday season and Garmin are making sure they keep their users busy with regular updates. We recently had the vocal POI alerts and...... now version v3.20 has a revamped traffic interface. Alas, the "map lag" introduced with v2.70 does not appear to have been fixed.

The "SD" nüvis were also updated recently and you can catch up with user feedback in these threads of the forums on GpspasSion : nüvi 300/350 with v4.30, nüvi 310/360 with v3.40.

Updated October 14th, 2006 - The successful line of nüvi AIOs has recently been augmented by the nüvi 660 that we previewed here and that...... just came in for testing, so I've added my first (impressed) comments in the * User Reviews * thread. Based on what I've seen so far (ultra-bright high-resolution screen as seen above, fast and convenient UI with good MP3 integration, RDS TMC Trafic, Bluetooth hands-free, off-road navigation, etc...) this could be AIO that Garmin needed to break though in Europe where TomTom and Mio are currently on top.

If you're a lucky 660 owner, you can head over to the v2.40 update thread that notable adds support for MP3 playlists. A feature that was also added on the nüvi 300/350 with v4.10, but not yet on the nüvi 300/350 in spite of the recent v3.10 update......

Updated 08/30 - The nüvi 310/360 got an update to v2.90 last week but the nüvi 300/350 owners had to wait until today to get the equivalent v3.90, with some fairly significant improvements particularly for route calculation.

Also of note in the nüvi forums, an ongoing * wishlist * thread, feel free to pitch in !

Updated 08/09 - Another week, another update, this time to v3.80 for the 300/350 and v2.70 for the 310/360. Details and user feedback can be found in this thread of the nüvi forums.

Updated 08/02 - Thanks to Swedish member gorban who spotted some interesting update for the nüvi families, v3.70 for the 300/350 and v2.60 for the 310/360...... and that have yet to be made available in the US, you can read about them in this thread of the nüvi forums.

Updated 07/12 - Garmin are continuing to offer regular updates for their GPS systems, the lastest being v3.60 for the 300/350 and v2.50 for...... the 310/360. Check out the preceding links for user feedback in the nüvi forums. As a side note someone kindly forwarded me a reply from Garmin saying that they had currently no plans to implement SIF on the nüvi in spite of the move to SiRF v3.2...

Updated 06/25 - Garmin have just made a new v2.60 GPS software/firmware available, no obvious change, but some have seen better EPE numbers and mag found out that the underlying SiRF firmware went to v3.2.2 from 3.2.0, could that be preparing the nüvi for SIF ?...

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of the new nüvi forums to cater to the needs of the many users of this very succesful AIO. Thanks to danham and NanaimoRick for offering to moderate these forums, check out the * Read Me First - INDEX/FAQ * they have put together.

Updated 05/20 - Garmin have just posted the v3.30 update for ther nüvi AIO with a long list of fixes. The first one on the list is the "Garmin Lock security feature" announced on the upcoming nüvi 360 and that had been the object of some heated debate lately. You can use this thread to discuss....

Updated 05/07 - The latest v3.20 update for the nüvi has sparked a lot of discussions in the forums, not in the least because of the v2.50 GPS upgrade that tends to come and go depending on how you update your nüvi. Also of interest are a trick to install new TTS voices and some tips on how to read the satellite screen. Enjoy...

Updated 01/15/2006 - Thanks to forum member "Tosty" for catching the availability of the v2.70 Update for the nüvi, with the much awaited option to deactivate the auto-zoom that made the map difficult to read on long trips...

Updated 11/22 - The first nüvi units have made their way to the early adopters and they have started sharing their first thoughts in the forums, with great pictures by racin06 and an enlightening nüvi 350 vs TomTom GO300 comparison by leadfoot. Enjoy...

Posted 09/14/2005 After the announcement of the partnership between Garmin and SIRF at the end of August, here comes the first Garmin "all-in-one" to feature the SiRFstarIII chipset, the nüvi. A very compact device (only 70% of the Mio 136) and crammed with features with GPS navigation being complemented by tourist guides, speaking dictionaries and picture, book and music readers...... The US nüvi 350 version is compatible with the optional GTM10 module for real time trafic.
Price seems a bit high with an MSRP of $970 (€775) while availability is announced for November. All in all a nice surprise with the first SiRFstarIII "all-in-one" looking like it might be a...Garmin unless the TomTom Rider arrives before. You can use this thread started by Tron_1 in the Garmin forums to discuss.

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