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Preview - Garmin's nuvi 3790T
Posté le 07 mai 2010 à 23:32:12 par gpspassion.

PREVIEWED - Garmin nuvi 37xx Series (3750, 3760, 3790T)
Bright Capacitive 800x480 screen - nuRoute - Terrain Rendering - "iPhone Like" Design


I went to the nuvi 37xx launch in Paris on May 6th, and although I must admit I had my doubts when it was announced in April, after using it for a few minutes, it's safe to say this new nuvi is all that it's cracked up to be and more! Faster, brighter, lighter for a start.

The hardware has a definite "wow" factor, think a thinner iPhone with a larger screen, hence it's nickname "the blade". Before we look at the details, here is a video showing the vastly improved map scrolling with a pinching/expanding multi-touch stress test:

Click on the picture for the YouTube Video


Seen here is the North American Box - the new "iPhone" finger moves are highlighted

The "standard" landscape mode...

...and the new portrait mode

The switch is automatic, it will happen as you rotate the device. The new portrait mode should be handy on foot in town

"Where To?" Menus

The standard and complete options are back
New is the "Three lines" button top left that acts as a contextual menu, to manage the search history for example.

"Tools" Menus

Usual options again
No MP3 reader, this will apparently be an extra download from the Garmin site

"Settings" Menus

Fine-tuning is now available via a list
The demo unit was running non finalized v1.61 software
New DEM maps for the terrain rendering

"Voice Command" Menus (New)

One of the new features of the 3790T : custom voice control.
You can choose a keyphrase that will trigger the voice control at any time
The percentage shows the efficiency of the keyphrase

4. THE HARDWARE PART : "The Blade"

The nuvi 3790T seen from all angles
New port replicator and they've switched to microUSB for connection to a computer

microSD slot

The new car holder

An active holder with a loudspeaker - connects via miniUSB
It still uses the same Garmin "ball" mount

Compared to the iPhone 3Gs

Hard to believe but the nuvi 3790 is thinner than the iPhone !


Simulation on a mountain road above Chamonix

An enriched map in landscape/portrait - trip computer with A/B trips - Satellite screen

Video :

Click on the picture to launch the YouTube video

6. [BONUS] - The Hidden Menus

The "pros" will be happy to see that the hiddent menus are still here

They no longer give away information on the hardware being used though and Garmin is mumb on the subject

The Garmin nuvi 3790T is a very impressive device, because of its sleek hardware that's already earned it the "The Blade" nickname, but also because of it's sheer responsiveness unseen on a GPS unit so far. To navigate the menus but particularly for the map display while navigating or scrolling the map in exploring mode with "pinching" and "expanding"...and the software isn't even final..and this is with a screen resolution that's been bumped up 3x from 480x272 to 800x480. Speed issues had become a problem on Garmin GPS systems since the 765 and recent TomTom GPS systems have them to (x40, x50 and even the new GO 1000 whose software isn't final either)). There are exciting new features as well (terrain rendering, stealth voice control, nuRoute, etc...) so these excellent first impressions will now have to be confirmed on the road, sometime in early June hopefully!

If you have questions or comments you can use the [PREVIEW] nuvi 37xx : Faster, Brighter, Lighter topic of the nuvi forums.

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