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Customizing / Unlocking your WindowsCE AIO - MioPocket
Posté le 29 septembre 2010 à 18:31:37 par gpspassion.

Customizing your "All-in-One" GPS (WinCE 4.2)


Updated September 24th, 2010
With 237 forum pages under its belt, Osprey's MioPocket v3 retired with MioPocket 4.0 (Unlock for GPS devices) taking over. New features include a new shell that scales to any resolution, touch scrolling, an iPhone like lockscreen, 14 new games, etc...

Always on the lookout for user feedback, Osprey has just launched MioPocket Mini 4.0 (Simple Unlock for GPS Devices), which as its name implies is a stripped down version of MioPocket (fewer apps, dll's, etc...) but that retains its essential features (scaling, swiping, video and music player, etc...). Enjoy !

UPDATED 11/2006
Customizing the Mio C310x/C510/C710 >> HERE <<

UPDATED 09/2006
Customizing the Transonic 6000t Medion 510T Navigon >> HERE <<

UPDATED 04/2006
Step by step guides to (legally) install TomTom and OziCE on your AIOs

UPDATED 01/2006 : Magellan Roadmate, Advent GPS 400, Mio 268+/269+, Packard Bell GPS400
AIO's (All in One's) were "IN" at the CES show this year, there must have been in excess of a hundred different models at different levels of completion. Most of them rely on the WindowsCE4.2 operating system and will likely be "customizable", in the meantime, here are "step by step" tutorials for currently available units. Enjoy !

Posted in May 2005 : The world of "All in One" GPS systems in Europe has been through some significant changes since the end of last year with the arrival of the Navigon bluemedia (review in French) and of the Medion PNA150 that shared the same hardware under a different finish and with different sofware (NavigonCE for the bluemedia and DestinatorCE for the Medion). The Medion 150 v2, running NavigonCE now, and the Transonic followed in March 2005 at the same time as the Mio 268 and the Mio 269 with its 2.5Gb MD.

These WindowsCE based devices joined the existing players on this market, the TomTom GO, the Navman iCN's, the Garmin's and the Magellan's. The big difference of course was the much lower price point without sacrificing performance. Even better, it turned out that these devices could be "customized" fairly easily to turn them into full mobile terminals capable of playing mp3's, DiVX movies, displaying pictures, being used for "all terrain" GPS or as a scientific calculator! This artilce provides quick links to "step by step" tutorials.

A quick note for our US readers, similar devices were launched there by Pharos and Mio but don't appear to have had the same level of success as their counterparts in Europe that litterally flew off the shelves at Christmas time and are still going strong. The tutorials might work for these devices as well. Since May 2005, Magellan has launched the Roadmate 800 that is also WinCE4.2 based.

1. Customizing the Medion/bluemedia/Transonic - LINK
2. Customizing the Mio 268 and 269 - LINK - Mio 268+ and 269+ - LINK
3. Customizing the Magellan Roadmate 800 - LINK
4. Customizing the Advent GPS 400 - LINK
5. Customizing the Packard Bell GPS400 - LINK

If you have any questions or comments, you can use the respective discussion threads

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